Samsara Filmproduktion is an Austrian production company based in Vienna. The company was founded in 2017 by Loredana Rehekampff and Andreas Schmied. We focus on national and international high quality productions for cinema, television and streaming platforms, which are developed in close creative collaboration with the filmmakers. Our goal is to entertain the audience with smart and original stories – especially in genres for an international market.
Our credo: "Think outside the box!"

Loredana Rehekampff

Loredana Rehekampff

Producer, Managing Director

Loredana Rehekampff was born in Romania and grew up in Germany. She studied Media Science and Media Management at the University of Cologne. After working for X Filme Creative Pool, Studio Babelsberg, Herbstfilm and Dor Film Cologne, among others, she moved to Vienna in 2010, where she worked in production on various films and series until 2013. From 2013 to 2014 she was a film and series editor at ORF and then as a producer at Aichholzer Filmproduktion. Since 2017 she has also worked as a consulting producer at the animation studio arx anima. Loredana Rehekampff is an EAVE and ProPro graduate, Creative MEDIA and Eurimage Expert and was on the commission of the Austrian Film Institute from 2017 to 2020. Together with Andreas Schmied she founded Samsara Filmproduktion in 2017.
Andreas Schmied

Andreas Schmied


Andreas Schmied founded his first production company at the age of 19 and produced award-winning image and industrial films, music videos and short films. After moving to Vienna, he worked as a Unit manager for documentaries and reports for ORF, ProSieben and Discovery Channel. In 2001, together with partners, he founded "Sofa Safari TV Produktion", where he was responsible as managing partner and producer for the production of on-air promotions and TV shows. He also produced promotional and music videos that were broadcast on MTV, VIVA, VIVA 2, ARTE and M6 France. In 2005, he closed down his TV production company to concentrate on writing and directing feature films. After cinema and TV films such as "Love Machine", "Werkstürmer" and "Harri Pinter Drecksau", he founded Samsara Filmproduktion with Loredana Rehekampff in 2017.
Melanie Stoff

Melanie Stoff

Project Coordination

Melanie found her way to film via a detour. Her planned career in the healthcare sector had to give way when she was successfully accepted at the University of Applied Sciences for Media Technology in St. Pölten. During her training, she worked independently in the fields of camera and editing and switched to production in 2019, when she wrote her master's thesis on green producing. In addition to service productions, she also worked extensively as a production coordinator for TV and feature films. In 2021 she completed her training as a Green Film Consultant at the LAFC (Lower Austrian Film Commission). Since 2023 she works as a Project Coordinator at Samsara Filmproduktion.


Strategic Mind


True to our credo 'think outside the box', we are also committed to sustainability. We minimize our overheads as much as possible so that we can produce and grow in line with demand. We have no prestigious headquarters and work from our home offices when we are not actively filming and producing. This saves resources, time, transport, effort and streamlines the company structure. We don't have a company car, but we do have a dog that helps us get our daily dose of fresh air. Business trips have long been made by train, and our printers have a stress-free life as we work mainly digitally. As soon as an ongoing film project requires it, we move into a temporary production office. Our film projects are all about entertainment and we're not afraid to use cows and thuja hedges as our main characters - our heart beats for offbeat ideas and comedy that gets the blood pumping. And since we love space, we figured out that you don't have to travel for it, you can find it in a studio in the center of Vienna.
Since 2023 we are a Licensee of the Austrian Ecolabel “Green Producing”.

Code of ethics


We and our executives actively fulfill our duty of care towards our employees.

We encourage everyone to actively contribute to creating a constructive and appreciative work atmosphere. An environment where people feel comfortable, safe, and valued is more productive and creative.

We establish and support measures against any form of discrimination, harassment, abuse, intimidation, degradation, or insult.

Our principles, which we have centrally embedded in our corporate mission statement, are as follows:

Loredana Rehekampff, Produzentin

Andreas Schmied, Produzent